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April 17, 2012


Break Bulk Forwarding

I agree, people have turned to tablets, PCs and mobile games now. Companies producing consoles should be able to think of ways to attract the public to their products.

Simon Strange

People are pretty sharply divided on whether we should try to "save" consoles, or whether we should allow them to just continue to serve their target demographic. I'm very comfortable with the latter, but there are some good points to be made about using consoles for local multiplayer - and how that helps create positive social situations for families.

Eric Robinson

As a fan of 90s-era console-based RPGs, I was always sad when a new console came out and well-crafted games in this genre seemed like they would disappear in favor of graphic-heavy fluff. However, I can count myself in the re-hash target market because I loved the updated versions of NES and SNES RPGs that came out for the PSP. But I agree that from a market standpoint, this demographic (myself included) is not necessarily a bad-bet, but certainly a less profitable one.

PC gaming I find to me more dynamic and well-suited to certain styles of games like FP shooters. As for the future of consoles, I feel like the difference between PC and consoles gaming is becoming less about content, speed, and graphics preference than about game controls. Do you prefer the mouse and keyboard control of a PC over the baton-wielding kinetics of the Wii?

Interesting that the WiiU will use touch screen technology... I can see benefits of tapping into the mobile market, especially if the touch screens are in hand, but I think that is where it stops; I don't foresee people standing 2 feet from their giant-screen TVs to reach out and touch it for long periods of time, just thinking about it gives me a radiation headache.
Good article.

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