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October 27, 2011



Disagree re: taking Master of Arms with the Heavy Thumper. The +3 Armor Absorb from the last 2 levels of Master of Arms is amazing. :)

Also, an "honorable" Monk with Burglary and Assassination -- that's funny. :)

Simon Strange

re: Master of Arms - I agree that the "always on" armor bonus is really great, but I find that Smithing -> Embossed Serpentine Armor is a much better route than putting those points into Master of Arms. Taking both is even better, of course, but I think Smithing should take priority.

re: Honorable Monk - I agree that the default chrome on those skill sets doesn't fit, but the stunning strikes / invisibility / movement are totally thematic skills. So ignore the icons, and appreciate the powers!


My favorite new hybrid build is: Staves, Dual wielding, Promethian magic, burglary, magical training, alchemy and blood mage.

Melee domination early on, promethian magic takes over late game. Maxing out staves early gives you better survivability on the mid-level floors.


Thank for the suggestion. I always end up getting killed at like lvl 4-5. Probably from lack of solid skills that I choose :/ Gonna try that thanks!

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