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September 15, 2011



The return on adventure games is in the story-if the story hooks you, you'll be happy to shell out money for a sequel that promises more of the same-it doesn't even have to technically surpass the original.(The Sam&Max games, for example are using the SCUMM engine from the mid 90s)

Historically, my favorite adventure game might be Star Control 2, which I've played through a couple times, years apart. It still holds up as a fun, engaging game that's worth revisiting because the story and writing are excellent. Also-it has replayability in that there are some minor ways to modify the endings.

A more modern franchise (Mass Effect) is still holding my attention. There's others that are doing well, such as Fallout, Fable and Assassin's Creed(none of which I have played much), all of which are very well received. Sure, they have other elements to them that make them More Than Adventure games, but without game mechanics, a video game is just a movie.


All good points. I have to say though that following your definition The Last Express ends up not being an adventure game. Time's passing and the story is not linear (not in the sense of "linear" you are employing here). Ghost Trick also seems not to be an adventure game.
That doesn't mean you're wrong maybe those are truely unique experiences that don't fall into any category.

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