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July 12, 2011



Well, at least Baragon and Mothra Larva worked well because their energy recharged automatically.

I always thought the manual energy recharge system was "one more thing to worry about". And generally, I found myself and other players constantly holding down C. And I wondered myself "if I'm holding this down the majority of the time, why isn't it automatic?" This was especially true if a player was using Mechagodzilla, because his laser eyes were so powerful. This also caused the somewhat visually distracting effect of having monsters constantly doing their charge-up animation.

It was also mechanically awkward to hold down Z+C to begin charging (if a player already had energy) and then let go of Z to move around/hold Z+C to rush attack while charging.

I liked your idea of King Caesar having a mechanic where (I think) his energy affected how much damage he took, even though it didn't make it into the game.

Seriotharovax Ferriovax

I wonder if Monsters with beams and monsters with Anti-Beam abilities would have been more balanced. If monsters who had beams but with extremely different properties from other beams. Say Biollante and Baragon having more of a liquid beam properties with different damages. They shouldn't be able to beam battle but their beams spread along the ground and cause buildings to be 'soaked' in the beams effects. While say Godzilla's beam would be a mix of spread and impact and MechaGodzilla and Mougera is all about impact. King Ceasar would have Anti-beam abilities while MechaGodzilla 2 would have a lesser version of Anti-Beam abilities. These are just Rough amateur sloppy ideas from a random person col. Thanks for the post though Mr.Strange.


I wasn't aware that Godzilla Unleashed sold that well, considering VGChartz seems to give a disappointing vibe. Although I think it's only because VGChartz tracks the initial few months, and Godzilla games have always been more "slow burn" sales that sell well over a long period of time.

Oh well, glad to know that it was a success, and I can't wait for the new one that might be released (unfortunately, I have no money to donate to the Kickstarter program, being a high schooler and all). I hope you will refer back to these posts when making the next game, as these are definitely very enlightening and informative.

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