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April 21, 2011



I think the changes in point 1 (game moves too slowly) are excellent. It should really help people be prepared for their turn when it comes to them. Combining it with Armando's point about clearing up phrasing in the cards (which resulted in long periods of argument and deliberation about their actual meaning/implementation) should make it much more streamlined.

Simon Strange

Yeah, I really struggled with some of the card phrasing - it's essential that cards can be played on anyone (mostly on your partner, hopefully!) but that makes it a bit tricky to write a card like:

"You gain 2 mass."

If you use M:tG phrasing, this becomes the not-too-bad:

"Target player gains 2 mass."

But then I've introduced the "target" keyword... but if I don't want to do that, then I end up with crap like:

"Choose any ship: the owner of that ship gains 2 mass."

So instead, I'm just defining "you" as a keyword to mean "any player chosen by the player who plays the card." That way it makes sense, fits on the card, and there is just one slightly odd rule to remember.

Thank you Thomas!

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